Computer Repair & Setup

Computer Repair Services:

  • Hardware failure diagnosis and recovery
  • Virus diagnosis, removal, and prevention
  • Backup planning and setup
  • General troubleshooting of computers, printers, scanners, etc.
  • Wired and wireless network planning and setup

New Computer Setup Services:

  • Technology purchase planning
  • New computer, mobile device, and entertainment device setup
  • Unbox new computer and connect peripherals (keyboard, mouse, screen, speakers, etc.)
  • Configure user accounts
  • Install critical system updates
  • Install internet security software
  • Transfer personal information from old computer
  • Remove unwanted trial-ware
  • Install purchased productivity software (Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, etc)
  • Recommend, download and install best available free utility for messaging, photography, etc.
  • Connect the new computer to other household devices
  • Education and training, including demonstrating the basic use of the computer

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